Italy Star

Italy Star
Italy Star
The Italy Star was a campaign medal of the British Commonwealth, awarded for service in World War II.

The medal was awarded for operational service (on land) in Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Pantelleria, the Aegean area and Dodecanese Islands, and Elba at any time between 11 June 1943 and 8 May 1945.  Other areas to qualify for the award are:

>>Sicily - between 11 June 1943 - 17 August 1943
>>Sardinia - between 11 June 1943 - 19 September 1943
>>Corsica - between 11 June 1943 - 4 October 1943

A total of 91,000 medals were issued to Canadians.

The Italy Star Association 1943-45 is a thriving body in the United Kingdom. The main reunion of the Association is in Chichester in May of each year, involving a service of Remembrance in Chichester Cathedral and a parade in the town.  Members also take part in the march past the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day in London every year.