1939-1945 Star

1939-1945 Star
1939-1945 Star
The 1939–45 Star was a campaign medal of the British Commonwealth, awarded for service in the Second World War.  The medal was awarded for operational service between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

>> Army personnel had to complete 6 months service in an operational command. Airborne troops qualified if they had participated in any airborne operations and had completed 2 months service in a fully operational unit.

>> Air Force personnel had to participate in operations against the enemy providing that 2 months service had been completed in an operational unit. Non-aircrew personnel had to complete 6 months service in an area of (overseas) operational army command.

>> Naval personnel qualified if they completed 6 months service, and at least 1 voyage was made through an operational area.

>> Royal Observer Corps personnel for service of 1080 days.

The star was immediately awarded if the service period was terminated by death, disability or wounding.  The award of a gallantry medal or a Mention in Despatches also led to an immediate award.